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Why you should be building an email list

Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt

Sam set up Brandaroo in 2016 and is an aesthetic clinic marketing specialist

Why you should be building an email list…

Email marketing for clinics is extremely powerful and if you are not building an email list, you should really think about doing so.

Emails are personal

When clients see an email from your clinic, addressed to them, it feels like you have personally reached out which creates a sense of trust.
Emails addresses are assets
You often have to go through a middle man when advertising through channels such as Google and Facebook. With an email list, your message is directly sent to your client’s inbox and can act as a source of free traffic whenever you wish to send an email out. Remember to always include links to your website within the email.

Emails are warm

If people have subscribed to your clinics email list, it means that they are aware of your clinic and are interested in receiving more information about what you can offer them. They are ‘warm’ which means that they trust you already and are more likely to buy from you. You’re already half way there!

Email marketing can be used to reach large audiences as well as smaller, targeted lists.

Remember evaluation is key

You can evaluate the success of your campaign by using a web analytics software. You can also test different subject lines, images, copy and designs to see which is the most effective.

Brandaroo designs stylish email marketing campaigns for Health and Aesthetic Clinic.

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