How To Increase Relevant Followers On Instagram​

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How to increase relevant followers on instagram

Our tips to help your clinic to increase relevant followers on Instagram.

Use Hashtags

Use #hashtags: The more specific you can get with your hashtag, the more targeted your audience will be—and a targeted audience generally means better engagement. Using hashtags relevant to your location often helps too. Instead of using #moleremoval, use #moleremovalmayfair.

Promote your account elsewhere

Promote your Instagram account on your other social networks and profiles – Give people a reason to follow you on more than one network. Why post the same thing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

Vary posting times

Vary the time of day you post on Instagram – This way, you are likely to reach different people.

Quality is better than quantity

Quality is better than quantity – Only post your best pictures to Instagram, leaving out the pointless posts.

Use Keywords!

Use relevant key words when writing your bio – Use hashtags, keywords and always include a link to your website. You are limited with how many characters you can use so make the most of the little space you have to sell your clinic!

Ask Questions

Ask questions in your posts – Often people do not read past the first line of posts. You need to give them a reason to invest their time and carry on reading. This can be done by asking them a relevant, thought-provoking question.

Post before and after photographs

Use before and after pictures – Real pictures sell your treatments. It is important to give your clients an idea of how they will look post treatment. This creates desire.
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