How To Engage With Clients On Social Media​

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How to engage with clients on social media

Social media can be a fantastic way to get more people knowing about your clinic.

Use Hashtags

Social media can be a fantastic way to get more people knowing about your clinic. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest work really well for health and beauty clinics as they are very visual and you can post high quality images to bring your brand to life and create desire. 
Knowing what to post on social media to get the best results can be the hardest part and often lead to clinics leaving social media posting until ‘tomorrow’. It is paramount that you think carefully about posting and not just post randomly. Is that post really driving your business forward?
It is understandable that when you’re busy running your clinic, attending to clients and managing staff, social media posting may come close to the bottom of your list. However, it is extremely important that you constantly post on your chosen platforms in order to keep them current and engaging for both existing and new clients. Instead of setting aside 30 minutes a day for posting, why not set out a few hours each week to create posts in one sitting? This way, your mind is in the right place and you’re less likely to run out of time each day.

What should I be posting on social media?

1) What is happening in your business? When you give your followers an insight into what is happening at your clinic, you create desire and ultimately make clients feel a part of your operation. When posting, include your team. Existing clients will hopefully have a strong relationship with members of staff so will be more likely to book when they see updates and pictures of them. Photographs inside your health or beauty clinic also show off the atmosphere and ambiance, which will encourage clients to make a booking. Before and after photographs are also a great way to create desire and show off your great work. Providing you have your clients consent!  2) What is happening within the industry? By sharing relevant posts about the industry you are in, you keep your clients informed and create conversation, which will stimulate clients to share with their friends. Keep your clients informed about any new treatments too, always linking back to your website.
3) Links, Links, Links – When posting on social media, it is important to guide your clients in the right direction, so that they can take action. This could be a link for a client to start a conversation or a link to your website. Ultimately, the aim is to get a client to book an appointment with you after finding out more on your website. For example, to direct a client to your blog, post a snippet of your blog post on social media to attract your customer’s attention and use a read more link to increase website traffic.
4) Reviews are key – Posting visuals and links to customer reviews are a great way to increase bookings and presence on social media. Remember, reviews build confidence in your brand.
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