Does my aesthetic clinic need a website?

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Does my aesthetic clinic need a website?

Websites for aesthetic clinics promote your brand 24/7.

Does my aesthetic clinic need a website?

In short, well yes, of course, your aesthetic clinic definitely needs a website. In fact, every business wanting to grow needs to have an online presence.

Websites promote your treatments and make you a lot more credible. Websites for clinics can also be a valuable source of information for your patients and should include information about treatments, pre treatment advice, aftercare advice and all of the contact information needed. Your website also needs to include information about you and the clinic and tell the viewer exactly what to expect when visiting.

Your website should reflect your clinics brand.

In a recent study, 75% of consumers made judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design. It is important that your website is both informative and has your patients in mind. I.e. Having a website that patients can navigate around easily that guides them through their journey with both patient loyalty and increased revenue in mind.

Save time and money.

Having a website for your clinic also means that you can link to it from social media profiles. If you have a large social following but are struggling to answer endless questions from existing and potential patients, why not direct them to your website instead?

Your website can also feature an online booking section to avoid you having to be by the phone constantly. You should think about directing your existing patients to your website to book, saving you time and money. Of course, having a contact form on your website is another good idea so that you can answer questions in your own time. Contact forms can link in with your CRM system, depending on which one your health or aesthetic clinic has! We recommend Pabau.

Patients expect you to have a website. We live in an age where competition is constantly cropping up so having a fully functioning, well built website is needed. Not to mention having the ability to increase appointments from fresh patients, who haven’t heard of you before.

Brandaroo designs stylish websites for Health and Aesthetic Clinic.

We are transparent about prices when it comes to website design and will design your aesthetic clinic a website with your patients, treatments and brand in mind. We offer packages to suit all budgets and invite you to discuss your clinics website project over a free telephone consultation with us. Just complete the contact form here.


We provide you with a bespoke quote after discussing what you need. We can also organise hosting and domain names.


We then go away and design your website taking into account your patients, needs, location and treatments.


During the design stage our team of content writers make your website text both inspiring and SEO friendly.


Once you’ve approved your website and are 100% happy it will be put live! Now time to start advertising your website.


Get expert advice on website design. We’d be happy to provide you with more details and a bespoke quote.

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